Lunar Eclipse 31st of January 2018 Photos

In November 2017 I described my decision to view the total Lunar Eclipse of January 31st 2018 in Death Valley National Park. 
The choice for Death Valley was a good one. Nice clear skies almost the entire eclipse and hard to decide where to shoot the eclipse. Badwater Basin, the Sand Dunes, Zabriskie Point or maybe the RaceTrack Playa. I ended up at the lowest point of North America at the Badwater Basin Salt Flat. At 2AM I started my walk down the salt flat to a spot with the authentic hexacons. 

Photos of the Total Lunar Eclipse of January 31st 2018 in Death Valley National Park. All pictures are taken at the Badwater Basin.



After the Total Solar Eclipse in August 2017  the United States will be treated by another spectacle that is happening in our solar system. On January 31st there will be a full lunar eclipse  visible in mostly the western states. During a lunar eclipse, the full moon will slowly disappear behind the shadow of the earth. When the sunlight to the moon is totally blocked by the earth the moon will turn dark red.

Based on clear sky chances, sunrise and lunar eclipse timing I decided to watch this spectacle in Death Valley National Park. Below details from about the upcoming lunar Eclipse in Death Valley National Park

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