Visiting all 61 American National parks

On the 25th of August 2016, the National Park Service Celebrated their centennial birthday. News media and former president Barack Obama highlighted this special day with speeches, documentaries and photo slide shows of America’s beautiful places. On this day Jan Heijdra decided to buy a National Parks Stamps Passport for his upcoming trip to Acadia National park. A wonderful first impression of what “America’s best idea” has to offer. This was the official start for more and a true inspiration to visit 61 National Parks in the United States.

John Muir inspired me with his quote:
“I am losing precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news”

National Park Passport Jan Heijdra







Jan Heijdra is on a journey to visit all 61 National Parks of the United States . A subset of the captured landscapes and wildlife will be posted on this website and later published in his photo book. 

National Parks USA Photo collection

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  1. N. Heijdra says:

    Prachtige foto’s!!

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